Back in what now feels like a previous life I worked in both academic and industrial research. My pure research interest concerned the fundamental understanding of Software Engineering. From an applied perspective I was interested in software architecture and product lines, software reuse, design methods/paradigms, and design patterns.

These research publications are here to get indexed by the goog and to provide downloadable versions for whoever may be interested.

conference and journal articles

  • Baragry, J. (2000). Understanding Software Engineering: from analogies with other disciplines to a philosophical foundation. PhD Thesis. Dept of Computer Science and Computer Engineering. La Trobe University, Melbourne Australia.: pp.350.  

workshop position papers

  • Reed, K. and J. Baragry (2002). On The Issue of Architecture-Preserving Methodologies and Their Identification. ICSE 2002 Workshop on Methods and Techniques for Software Architecture Review and Assessment, Florida, USA.
  • Baragry, J. (2001). Using Product-Line Architectures to Marry Pure and Applied Research. WICSA 2001 Workshop on Architecture Reconstruction and Product Lines, Amsterdam, Netherlands.